QCX 20 meters modify

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Hi All,

I would like to share my experiment.

After a several month i have fixed output power for my QCX 20M (my kit No.#487)
and now i can getting with full power 5 Watts @12Vdc

before I solve my QCX 20M. I can get output only 1.5 ~ 2w maximum
First i observe LPF circuit C25 and C26 (390pf) getting very hot during transmission.

This is my modification.

  1. remove 1 turn of L1 and L3 (use only 15 turns) –> power improve abit to ~ 2.5w
  2. remove C25 and C26 (390pf) and i replace with 2 series of MLCC capacitor 680pf (because there are in my stock) –> this big improve my power to 5w !!!

I believe my issue is mismatch at LPF especially at C25 and C26 (390pf).

thanks group for good knowledge sharing and Hans for the grate kits.

Choke E29AHU

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